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Whether it’s “trouble with the Tax Man” (or woman); you are concerned with or seeking to avoid “trouble with the Tax Man”; if thoughts of the VAT man (or woman) keep you awake at night or you just need our advisory excellence to see if planning and sensible tax order can reduce your tax going forward, we can help.

We are highly experienced and capable tax and VAT professionals including in-depth experience of HMRC investigation, dispute resolution and risk management matters.

Between us we have over 150 years experience as senior tax professionals and Inspectors within HM Revenue & Customs, and as highly sought-after consultants in private practice.

HMRC Investigations, Disputes & Disagreements

Being faced with any HM Revenue and Customs contact, enquiry, dispute, disagreemnt, or intrusion is a daunting prospect for both businesses and individuals alike. We offer a protective helping hand to clients and their advisors alike.

Tax Planning & Good Tax Order

We are problem solvers at heart! If you tell us about a current situation and what are the aims for the future, based on our experience, we will make  recommendations tailored to you.

VAT & Other Specialist Services

With decades of knowledge of tax and VAT, including investigation and dispute resolution, we offer a number of specialist services from proactive transaction VAT advice to acting as expert witness to forensic financial investigation.

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