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Unlock the Potential of Your IP with Signature Tax

Intellectual Property (IP) holds the key to driving growth and fostering healthy competition in today's marketplace. At Signature Tax, we understand the vital importance of your R&D outcomes, innovative ideas, branding, customer lists, and trade secrets for your business. In fact, these intangible assets often surpass the value of physical assets. However, many business owners fail to recognize their true worth.

Are you aware of the complete scope of your intellectual property? Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your business's critical rights through formal registration? Do you have confidence that your intellectual property is generating the maximum financial benefits for your enterprise? Are you leveraging the available innovation tax reliefs to their fullest potential?

Intellectual Property not only enhances the value of your brand but also significantly boosts the commercial worth of your entire business. It can serve as leverage for securing financing and venture capital and can create additional revenue streams through licensing opportunities.

Our Approach

Our collaborative efforts ensure that your intellectual property is diligently identified and protected, while identifying opportunities and maximising their potential with the aid of various innovation tax reliefs. We firmly believe that adopting an integrated approach is essential for preserving the overall well-being of your business.

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Our key services

  • Leveraging IP: Licensing, Sales, Acquisition, Patent Box, R&D Tax Credits


  • Boosting Innovation: Patent Box, R&D Tax Credits


  • Protecting Your Online Brand: Ensuring Business Security Online


  • Effortless IP Management: Streamlined Tools for IP Management


  • Optimizing Your Portfolio: Maximizing IP Portfolio Potential


  • Reviewing Agreements: Ensuring IP Compliance in Contracts and Terms


  • Thorough IP Due Diligence: M&A Transaction Support


  • Crafting IP Business Strategy: Unlocking the Power of Intellectual Property

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