Owner Managed Businesses

Signature Group has a wide-ranging understanding of the specific opportunities and challenges that businesses face at different phases of their development.

Our Group is unique in the market place in its breadth of service, and as a result is able to boast an incomparable history of aiding a wide array of business owners across multiple industries.

Frequently we work with clients where owners are involved in day-to-day operations. We are therefore well-versed in support of

  • sole proprietors and sole traders
  • shareholders and directors of limited companies
  • partners in professional practices 
  • Landlords

In the course of our evolution over a number of years, we have come to specialise in all stages of the business growth journey from start-ups, through rapid and sustainable growth and onward to circumstances in which owners may be looking to exit or explore the sale of their business. 


Whatever your business or industry, the Signature Group approach is to establish a hand-in-glove relationship with key stakeholders, and in doing so to truly understand objectives and priorities.

In following this practice we are able to ensure that our advice is relevant, immediately actionable and therefore of true value. We strive to communicate clearly with jargon free answers so that our clients know what to do, how to do it and, crucially, when. Most of our clients feel comfortable in using our experts as knowledge banks and sense checks in the case of opportunities and potential issues. 

We find that this model is especially beneficial in operational circumstances where key stakeholders may not have in-house expert resource or financial departments. For example we offer packaged information and periodic knowledge share clinics on specific issues and sectors which feedback tells us is of true value to our clients.

The client retention rates which have been maintained by the Signature Tax Advisory division speaks as tangible evidence of the success of our approach.

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