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ComplianceHelping clients to source IT solutions from the marketplace, in order to transform their organisations and drive value and improve performance., Managing Risk and Maximising Opportunity

Our sourcing expertise is sought by clients with a variety of business and/or IT challenges.

Business-driven challenges will vary: the desire to be more competitive in the marketplace; the need to invest in the growth of the business (both organically and inorganically); the need to be an attractive employer, or the need to cut costs to meet financial targets, to name just a few examples. In all cases, there will be an impact on the way IT operates and how IT supports the business. This will often necessitate new strategies and ways of working, resulting in some level of restructuring of IT. Considerations will include, for example, whether to buys products, services or solutions to build solutions in-house, and to understand how any approach achieves a target state.

Specific IT challenges may include the drive to provide more for less, the need to improve operational performance; poorly executed supplier contracts; customer dissatisfaction with IT; ageing technology estates; and duplication across the technology estate.

Mason Advisory has the experience and insight to help clients navigate through their challenges to deliver the desired objectives through appropriate and relevant sourcing strategies and execution programmes.

Our key services

  • Sourcing model & strategy


  • Solution development and supplier selection


  • Contract negotiation


  • Contract mobilisation and implementation


  • Contract development, assurance and benchmarking


  • Contract review
    Sourcing health check

Sarina Issap

Associate to CEO

AMS has allowed me to work strategically and collaboratively with senior leaders with different areas of expertise in order to solve challenging problems in a fast-paced environment. I am currently studying for my MBA at Harvard and transferring what I’ve learnt during my studies into practice has provided me with many opportunities to further my career

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