Venture Capital

Investing and Fundraising Made Tax Efficient

UK's top tax-motivated investment and fundraising schemes, including SEIS, SITR, EIS, and VCT, provide attractive tax reliefs for investors. These initiatives are specifically designed to foster investment in dynamic start-ups and high-growth companies, supporting our nation of entrepreneurs.

Our Approach

Whether you're starting out or in the thick of fundraising, we'll guide you towards qualifying for desired tax relief or securing 'advance assurance.' Both paths require meticulous analysis and information gathering. 

With our expertise, we present the necessary information, ensuring a robust application that boosts your confidence.

Our expertise extends to reviewing and advising on critical documents such as Articles, shareholder agreements, investment agreements, prospectuses, and marketing materials. Plus, we handle Compliance Statements, assuring approval.

Investors, we have your back too. Collaborating with individuals and EIS/VCT funds, we ensure your investments meet the criteria for desired tax reliefs at every step, from investment to exit.

Our key services

  • Guidance on structuring investments to ensure that companies can meet qualifying conditions.
  • SEIS and EIS opinions to companies in need of assurance regarding their qualifying status.


  • Preparation of EIS Advance Assurance applications.

    Comprehensive compliance support for individuals, companies, and funds in relation to SEIS, EIS, and VCT.

Sarina Issap

Chief of Staff

AMS has allowed me to work strategically and collaboratively with senior leaders with different areas of expertise in order to solve challenging problems in a fast-paced environment. I am currently studying for my MBA at Harvard and transferring what I’ve learnt during my studies into practice has provided me with many opportunities to further my career

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